Trusting The Lord

Bar -G Wranglers

The Bar G Wranglers - Trusting The Lord

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  1. Read The Bible                Play

  2. He Touched Me                               WMP or Real

  3. Just A Closer Walk With Thee       WMP or Real

  4. His Name Is Wonderful                  WMP or Real

  5. What A Friend We Have In Jesus   WMP or Real

  6. Beyond The Great Divide                 WMP or Real

  7. I Just Keep Trusting My Lord         WMP or Real

  8. When It's Roundup Time In Heaven WMP or Real

  9. The Bible Tells Me So                     WMP or Real

  10. Empty Cot                                       WMP or Real

  11. This World Is Not My Home           WMP or Real

  12. Happy Trails                                   WMP or Real