Western Classics

Bar -G Wranglers

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The Bar G Wranglers - Sing The Western Classics

Click on WMP (Windows Media Player) or Real (RealPlayer) below to hear a short sample of the song.

  1. Cowboy Jubilee                               WMP or Real

  2. Cool Water                                     WMP or Real

  3. The Timber Trail                            WMP or Real

  4. The Auctioneer                               WMP or Real

  5. Don't Fence Me In                           WMP or Real

  6. Arkansas Traveler                          WMP or Real

  7. Tumbling Tumbleweeds                   WMP or Real

  8. Ghost Riders In The Sky                 WMP or Real

  9. Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie WMP or Real

  10. Pecos Bill                                        WMP or Real

    ----------------- Tracks with Dean Eacker ------------------------

  11. Detour                                            WMP or Real

  12. Red River Valley                              WMP or Real

  13. Sweet Georgia Brown                     WMP or Real

  14. Ridin' Home                                    WMP or Real